Our history with Astoria extends over 20 years. As a main agent, we believe that the Astoria range offers reliability and quality, particularly in the commercial market. The Astoria machines are constructed using sophisticated technology alongside craftsmanship. Astoria have built on their own experience over many years to produce quality machines which fit into the style of any restaurant, bar and café.

A selection of our Astoria traditional machines currently in stock is shown below, both new and used, to buy and to rent – and all at a cost to suit your budget. You will receive dedicated support from enquiry to installation and beyond. With our in-house service engineers, who all specialise in servicing the Astoria range, you can have peace of mind knowing that your machine will have the service history and support to keep it in perfect working order.

Not only do you have the option to purchase your machine, we also offer commercial rental packages. We’d be happy to discuss your requirements for purchasing or renting your new Astoria machine.

Announcing the new Core 600

Core600 is the first of the new Core class from Astoria. With elegant, yet simple lines, the modern design makes it immediately recognisable as an Astoria machine.

Available in the following sizes:
1/Grp; Compact 2/Grp; Standard 2/Grp and 3/Grp
Electronic automatic version (SAE):
- 6 dose push-button panel STB (Sensitive Touch Buttons)
- Programming of coffee doses from push-button panel
- Auxiliary switches for coffee dispensing
- Button operated water doser 2–3 Grps (excluding Compact)
- Automatic filling of boiler (AEA)
- Astoria ergonomic filter carriers
- White lighting top cupsframe
- Electronically controlled cup warmer (excluding 1Grp & Compact)
- Thermo-syphon circulation hydraulic circuit (CTS)
- Internal Motor Pump
- Available in Stainless Steel as a stock item. (Red or White versions available to order)
Download pdf spec


Plus 4 You gives maximum and consistent quality in the cup by use of the latest multi-boiler technology as well as saving up to 30% in energy costs. Flexibility to adjust the machine temperatures, including each group independently, gives the best solution according to the characteristics of different coffee blends, so satisfying the roaster and the barista. Energy efficiency is achieved by software distributing power amount to the groups based on actual working needs as well as monitoring the machines use, enabling standby modes during periods of low use. Available in 2 and 3 Group sizes
- Electronic dosage of coffee
- Separate steam boiler
- Separate water reservoir for each group
- 6 dose touch-pad
- Display showing pump pressure; ambient humidity; diagnostic messages
- Automatic hot water outlet
- Each group can be independently isolated for easy maintenance
- Raised groups with retractable tray for small cup sizes
- Available in Red and black / Grey and black
- We stock and supply new and used Plus 4 You machines
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Taking inspiration from the Vintage style of the 60’s, the Sabrina machine stands out for its character and elegance. The Sabrina is a traditional coffee maker that gives extraordinary quality in a cup with technology and style.

Available as a 2 &/or 3 Group
Electronic Version Display (SAE):
- Backlit 6-dose touch pad for programming coffee dosages
- Manual switch for semi-automatic brewing
- Automatic water refill (A.W.R.)
- Automatic hot water
- Electronic cup warmer
- Control light for water level check (through display in the SAE Version Display)
- White lights on side panels
- Raised group option
- Available in Black/Chrome & Brown/Chrome
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Pratic Avant

The Pratic Avant is suitable for all situations and has a simple, linear style with slim modern lines for a timeless feeling. It represents the experience and technology of Astoria, guaranteeing professional performance and reliability. Also available with the option of raised groups and new, easily detachable cup stands. Electronic automatic version (SAE)
- Volumetric dosage of coffee, directly programmable from the keyboard
- Manual switch for semi-automatic dispensing
- 1, 2 and 3 Group sizes available
- Available in Stainless Steel / Black
- Option for LED lighting of work surface (special order only)
- We stock and supply new and used Pratic Avant machines
- Download Spec pdficon_large



A compact traditional style machine giving extraordinary quality in a cup ideal for the small business, bar or office. Available as Electronic SAE and/or Semi-automatic AEP version
- Vibrating pump with 4L tank or Motor-driven “rotative” internal pump (excl tank)
- Thermo-syphon unit with pre-infusion
- Raised groups with flap rack
- Backlit 4 coffee doses programmable (SAE model)
- Boiler with automatic loading
- Pressure switch for boiler temperature control
- Boiler pressure gauge
- Water tap
- Steam tap
- Work top lighting (SAE model)
- Varnished steel/plastic body
- Dimensions: 395mm W / 545mm D / 511mm H
- Weight 38kg
- Available in Red and/or White
- Download spec


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