The Izzo Alex Lever Machine is equipped with professional lever group and electronic PID to ensure the constant maintenance of the selected temperature, the Alex Lever machine represents the excellence of professional machines suitable for domestic use.

The machine is beautifully finished with meticulous attention to detail. It uses a traditional spring lever (sometimes called a ‘dipper’ level) to deliver superb espresso – pull after pull. The machine is silent in operation and delivers all the quality of larger commercial machines but from a small footprint.

The temperature stability is terrific and milk texture performance is outstanding with excellent dry steam, making perfect micro-foam much easier to obtain.

It has a unique cup warming mechanism that releases some steam onto the cup warmer which warms the cups.

Izzo Alex Lever Machine

Principal Features include:

  • Professional lever group
  • 5 litre steam boiler with PID temperature control
  • 1750 watt heating element
  • Insulated boiler giving energy savings and increased thermal stability
  • Stainless steel double decker cup warmer tray and switch to steam the cups
  • Direct water connection only
  • Comes with a single and a double portafilter; high quality tamper; additional steam tips in different designs; group cleaning brush
  • Dimensions: 37 x 80 x 44 cm (w/h/d)
  • Net Weight: 35kgs