The right bean, the right blend and the right roast….

There are two main types of coffee plants – Arabica – which produces the superior coffee, and Robusta – which tends to be a coarser coffee. The superior quality and flavour of Arabica beans are far the best for all coffee making and are a must for filter and cafetiere coffee.

As coffee roasters, we at Traders control the whole process from buying the raw green bean to hand-roasting our own espresso blends. This enables us to ensure that the coffee we offer is of the highest standard. As a result we are able to offer a range of styles and coffees from the finest espresso blend to single origin 100% Arabica. Our range also includes coffees certified under Rainforest Alliance and Organic Schemes as well as specially selected coffees from identifiable farms.

All coffees are sold as beans or upon request can be pre-ground for: Filter, Cafetiere or Espresso Machines


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