Our variety of coffee blends are specially chosen, roasted and blended to meet the tastes of our customers and to achieve the finest results from your espresso machine. Our most popular blends, selected time and time again by our customers for home, cafés, bars and restaurants are listed below and are available for espresso, filter and cafetiere. Select each one to get a further description of the blend:

A medium to dark roast of ethically sourced and Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees. A blend of Ethiopian Sidamo, Brazilian Daterra, Indian Mysore; Monsooned Malabar to give a smooth, low acidity coffee.
Brazilian Bruzzi is blended with selected Colombian and Ethiopian coffees giving a deep, rich, rounded and intense coffee flavour. Excellent as an espresso and as a base for other coffees. Also good as a cafetiere coffee.
Blended predominately from Ethiopian Mocha to give maximum flavour with an excellent crema
A slightly lighter roasted espresso bean. A small amount of Indian robusta is blended with Brazilian, Mocha and Indian Mysore to give an excellent crema
An all Arabica blend of Indian Mysore, Ethiopian Mocha and a Central American coffee to provide extra body. A medium to dark roast which is ideal for espressos and cappuccinos
Mainly single origin Brazilian Bruzzi with Ethiopian Sidamo to give a more rounded and balanced coffee with a toffee flavour. Pleasant acidity and a dark roast
PNG coffee is grown in the highlands where the high altitude, plentiful rain, rich volcanic soils and cooler climate provide ideal growing conditions. The single origin PNG coffee is hand-roasted to medium dark to produce a clean and balanced cup making a good rounded espresso.
Dark roast speciality coffee shade-grown at a high altitude in the Peruvian Andes, one of the most bio-diverse places in the world. With a clean crisp taste the coffee has a unique balance of high acidity and a full body with a floral aroma and chocolate flavour


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