Traders offer Italian Caffè Molinari coffee pods. Prepared using the best quality coffee, these single-serving pods offer the advantages of dispensing without the need for a grinder yet maintaining the freshness and flavour of the coffee. They are ideal for low-usage outlets, the need for the occasional decaffeinated coffee, or in offices needing to produce a good coffee without mess or waste. Each pod is packaged and protected in an individual heat-sealed wrapper which perfectly insulates it from any environmental changes to maintain the freshness. Caffè Molinari Single-Serving Pods are available in packs of 25 pods.

Espresso Coffee Single or Double-Serving Pod
Available as a straight coffee (gold), with a full aroma, flavour and crema, or as decaffeinated (blue) for those who prefer to do without the caffeine but not without the flavour and aroma. The particular structure of the pod with the pre-ground and pre-measured coffee ensures the best coffee production with the classic taste of Italian espresso. It is possible to use the pods in the vast majority of espresso machines on the market.














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