Pier Caffè Range


Our ethically sourced coffees under our Pier Caffè range are produced under well known certification schemes. Pier Caffè is carefully selected for quality from member farms with income re-invested back into the local community for sustainability and education.

    • Daterra Espresso
      100% Rainforest Alliance coffees, mainly single origin Brazilian Bruzzi with Ethiopian Sidamo to give a more rounded and balanced coffee with a toffee flavour. Pleasant acidity. Dark roast.
    • Papua New Guinea
      This single origin Rainforest Alliance bean, from a small collective of organic coffee farms in Papua New Guinea, has a low pleasant acidity with buttery richness and chocolate flavour notes. Medium/Dark roast.
    • Daterra 80/20 Blend
      A blend of Petit Soleil Brazilian Daterra (80%) and Hermosa Honey Costa Rican (20%) with a round body and delicate acidity. Chocolate, caramel and hazelnut notes with hints of honey and orange. Light roast.
    • Mombasa Blend
      Kenya AA, Costa Rica and Guatemala are the components of this medium roast blend giving deep body and medium acidity. With dark chocolate, blackcurrant and citrus notes, this coffee is also ideal as a filter option. Light roast.
    • Swiss Water Decaf
      Environmentally friendly water decaffeinated Colombian beans, 99.9% of caffeine is gently removed by washing the coffee with spring water while maintaining the distinctive origin and flavour characteristic. Medium Roast.


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