Single Origin Coffee Range

Our single origin coffees are selected time and time again by our customers for home, cafés, bars and restaurants.

    • Peru – Tunki
      This single origin, high grown and hand harvested coffee from the Tambopata valley in the Peruvian Andes has a round body with positive acidity, dark berries notes and hints of toffee. Medium roast.
    • Colombia – Libano Supremo
      Refreshingly rich with good body and crisp acidity, citrus notes of tangerine and honeycomb natural sweetness.
      Light roast.
    • Costa Rica – Tarrazu
      Light and delicate body, spicy flavour with a pleasant high acidity and grapefruit notes. Light roast
    • Ethiopia – Sidamo
      Soft smooth and rich with medium body, flowery notes and red cherry acidity. Light roast.
    • Kenya AA
      Full bodied with rich and solid winey flavour, winey and blackcurrant finish with a balance of high acidity and delicate berry sweetness. Light roast.
    • Kenya Peaberry
      Peaberry beans occur naturally when only one bean inside the coffee cherry is fertilized, usually there are two halves of a bean within a single cherry. It has a lighter body than the Kenya AA, with a sharper more winey flavour.
      Light roast.
    • Monsoon Malabar
      A long exposure (3 – 4 months) to the monsoon wind and rain washes away most of its acidity. The coffee has an earthy and almost musty flavour with deep creamy richness. Light roast.
    • Old Brown Government Java
      Aged in the green bean, similar to the Malabar except for much longer (2 to 5 years), this coffee has a unique earthy flavour and rich tobacco notes with low acidity. Light roast.


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