The right bean, the right blend and the right roast…

All these elements are fundamental to producing a great cup of coffee with the key to the flavour being the origin of the coffee, the roast and the method of making. Our background and experience enables us to provide them all in our coffees, whether it is for espresso, filter or cafetière.

Our master roasters John Green and Jason Kirkpatrick have been roasting coffee for over 30 years and 20 years respectively. Using our three roasters, a French Samiac drum roaster, a Neuhaus Neotec fluid bed air roaster and our newest Petroncini Briciola shop roaster, we roast around 150,000 kilos per year with an increasing amount being Ethically Sourced, Sustainable and Fairtrade coffee like our award winning Peruvian Tunki.
We select and roast the best beans we can source, from Colombia to Kenya to India and beyond. To each of these we apply a particular roast to bring out the best flavour, roasting single origin coffees and our own carefully blended coffees. Whilst we pride ourselves on our espresso coffees, we also take care in identifying coffees for filter, cafetière and almost any type of coffee maker you can think of.

Some examples of the coffees we roast:

  • Ethiopian Mocha and Mocha
  • Brazilian Santos and Daterra Rainforest
  • Indian Mysore Plantation A
  • Kenya AA and Kenya Peaberry
  • Nicaraguan
  • Guatemalan
  • Colombian
  • Indian Monsooned Malabar


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