When it comes to coffee machines, your business is our business – we will always do what we can to help you maintain and/or repair your machine.

We know that any breakdown of your coffee machine can be catastrophic for your business – no coffee could mean no customers. We therefore want to keep any disruption to your business to a minimum and recommend regular servicing to keep your machine running at its best. The well-known quality and reliability of the machines we supply means that call outs are infrequent; however, like any piece of mechanical or electronic equipment, breakdowns can happen. Our experienced in-house engineers are specifically trained to work on any traditional espresso machine – with particular expertise on the Astoria and Rocket machines. We will endeavour to fix a problem over the phone or our engineers will visit you onsite (based on location) to advise and/or repair your machine to get it up and running as soon as possible.

Service packages we offer:

  • On-site group servicing
  • Full major off-site servicing (including use of a loan machine)
  • Repairs on site, water filtration (in most parts of the UK the prevention of scale is essential for the proper working of the machine) and installations.
  • We can also attend Boiler Inspections, often requested by insurance companies.

Our Service recommendation (based on usage):

  • An annual on-site group/front-end service plus change of water softener. We also strip & clean group heads, steam & water valves, replace washers, group seals & shower plates. We will check your grinder, clean and/or replace the blades and ensure the correct settings.
  • Every 3 years we recommend a full off-site service – in addition to the items above we will strip and descale the boiler, pipes & heat exchanger; clean and check the pressure stat, probe, safety valve & group solenoid. Finally we check all the functions are working correctly and advise you on the general condition of the machine. We supply a loan machine of the same size to ensure your business continues.